DS-Stop is a simple mixin type that allows an authorized account to disable and enable functions on deriving types via a stoppable modifier. It is useful in situations where one needs to halt a system for maintenance, in case of emergency, or simply to wind it down after a temporary lifespan.


Your contract should inherit from the DSStop type if you want an admin address to be able to disable/enable any of its functions.


import ds-stop/stop.sol

Parent Types

DSAuth, DSNote

API Reference

function stopped

Returns the value of the public stopped variable, which is set to true when the token’s stoppable functions are disabled.

bool public stopped

function stop

Sets stopped to true, which disables normal token behavior.

function stop() auth note

function start

Sets stopped to false, which enables normal token behavior.

function start() auth note

modifier stoppable

Asserts that stoppable is equal to false, allowing an admin account to disable normal token operations.

modifier stoppable